Kyle Tezak: US Bank

Kyle Tezak: US Bank

Chris Murphy · 25 May, 2020

I added this US Bank example for a specific learner’s playlist. If you’re working on this Master-Apprentice exercise, please do not share your work publicly. If you’d like to share your work on your Instagram or Twitter, ask me and I will seek Tezak’s permission.

Work your way through the following page in Figma and use it to direct your skills acquisition.

US Bank

Kyle Tezak:

My friends at SapientNitro Minneapolis asked me to help them come up with new concepts for their client US Bank's mobile banking application. This included refining the design and flow of the experience and creating vibrant and engaging illustrations.


Skills You’ll Learn

  • UX
  • UI
  • Vector Illustration


  • Mark Wagner: Creative Director
  • Kyle Tezak: Designer, Illustrator


Please do not share these files: They are Kyle Tezak’s intellectual property. The web was built on View Source and I learned everything I know through View Source, but that doesn’t mean that someone doesn’t own that source.

Remember: There are no ‘rules’; there is, however, karma.



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