Venture Testing Playlist

Venture Testing Playlist

Chris Murphy · 16 January, 2021

This playlist will accompany my forthcoming Venture Testing workshops for Propel and Durham University. It’s currently in progress, check back in mid-February for a finished version. (Until then, it’s notes.)

Thank you to Ian Browne, Chris McClelland and Marek Tokarski for giving me the time and space to develop these learning materials. Find out more about how playlists work, here.


Use this checklist to tick off this pathway’s reading and exercises as you complete them. This allows you to keep a track of your progress visually.

Read Advanced Design Thinking (Move this to Notion)
Venture Testing
Beyond Implementation Layers (#NoCode, Delight)
Cultivating Insight (Knowledge Management)
Growth Design
Exercise Glide
Download Glide
Set Up Account
Download Glyph Spreadsheet
Read Further Reading List

Read: Advanced Design Thinking

First, read the set of notes on designing tomorrow. These notes need illustrations and lots of screenshots, but they also need examples of what’s possible when embracing #NoCode tools.

Include an interview with John (CropSafe) about their story and how they got their idea off the ground by embracing a lean methodology.


The content for one complete alphabet is supplied, but the overall visual aesthetic for your Glyph app is your choice.

The following typography-focused sites are included for inspiration.


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