Vector Illustration and Icon Design Playlist

Vector Illustration and Icon Design Playlist

Chris Murphy · 15 January, 2021

This is a playlist for learning vector illustration and icon design.

Thank you to Vic Bell, Kyle Tezak and Rogie King for allowing me to use their wonderful work. Find out more about how playlists work, here.



Use this checklist to tick off this pathway’s reading and exercises as you complete them. This allows you to keep a track of your progress visually.

Read Master-Apprentice
Exercise Vic Bell: Uber Icons
In the style of…
Exercise Kyle Tezak: US Bank
In the style of…
Exercise Rogie King: Bear
In the style of…
Read Vic Bell Interview
Read Further Reading List

Read: Master-Apprentice

First, read the following on The Master-Apprentice Model, it will explain the history and the benefits of following the model. When you’ve read that, use the checklist above to mark it as read, then move on to Exercise: Vic Bell: Uber Icons.

Exercise: Vic Bell: Uber Icons

COMING SOON! I'll add this shortly, based on what Anda and I did together, using Vic's icons as a reference.

Exercise: Kyle Tezak: US Bank

When you've finished the icon design exercises above, move on to Kyle Tezak’s US Bank artwork at the page linked below. Obviously, the more you explore, the better. But if your focus is on icon design and vector illustration, focus on the rich, illustrative icons.

Exercise: Melodics: Instruments

With the above exercise completed, move onto the Melodics vector illustrations. As with the Kyle Tezak example, I've created a Zip file that you can download.

Exercise: Rogie King: Bear

COMING SOON! This will be the Rogie King bear that he created the screencast for. I'll then share that and the Master-Apprentice file.

Read: Vic Bell Interview

COMING SOON! I'll add this soon, based on a transcript of Vic's Designer Talk.


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