Recreating Glyph

Recreating Glyph

Chris Murphy · 27 January, 2021

I'll be running this as a walkthrough in early February for the founders on Propel and, again, in late February for the students at Durham University.

I proposed to Chris McClelland and Ian Browne (Propel) that – instead of running a #NoCode workshop solo, in isolation – we contextualise it, so that the process is more like a typical design process (from brief to build):

  • we start with a brief, explaining what Glyph is and providing pre-built content;
  • we then use the content to introduce a short sketching interfaces workshop, so:
    • everyone understands how applications work, usually across a series of connected screens, by explaining systems thinking using Draw Toast;
    • everyone is reminded that they’re able to draw; and
    • everyone works as a part of a team, using Crazy 8s to sketch out interfaces for the recreated Glyph app.
  • we use the outcomes from the sketching interfaces workshop as the raw material for the #NoCode workshop, i.e. participants are using their sketches to inform how they build their #NoCode app.

Workshop Structure

The structure for the first Propel workshop is as follows:

  1. Sketching Superpowers
    • Draw Toast
    • Sketching Interfaces
    • Design an App: Glyph (Crazy 8s)
  2. Introduction to #NoCode
    • Meet Glide
    • Glyph Google Sheet (Content Supplied)
    • Build App