Deadlined Deliverables

Deadlined Deliverables

Christopher Murphy · 2 July, 2020

This is an in-progress, light touch productivity framework for Getting Things Done (GTD).

In my experience, GTD, Bullet Journalling and other systems can overwhelm you, leading you to a world of pseudo-productivity where you Get Nothing Done. The issue with these systems is their complexity and density: You spend more time grappling with the system than working on your list of deliverables.

My Goal

The goal of Deadlined Deliverables is to focus on your core purpose. It works best if you have at least one accountability partner, preferably two. These are outside voices you can use as a sounding board and who will act as the ‘voice of your conscience’.

Think of this as a productivity system multiplied by an accountability system.

Your partners don’t need to work in your business, indeed it’s probably better if they don’t, that way they can provide a much-needed outside perspective.

You meet – via Zoom, or similar – on a Monday morning to share your weekly deliverables and again on a Friday afternoon to share your progress.

Great Artists Steal

There are aspects of other systems that interest me. However, I have yet to find one that works. The dot patterns used in Ugmonk’s Analog system are along the lines of my sketches, but three dots doesn’t offer enough flexibility.

Look at my sketches for dot patterns, along the lines of Baudot (Playstation, 2007). This provides more flexibility, and more fun.

For the A5 scratch pads, create a bespoke dot grid with halves, thirds, quarters. Use crop marks for this, as per Richard Chartier's invalidObject Series (typeof).

Weekly Deliverables


At the start of the week, identify:

  • What’s your goal and what concrete tasks to help you achieve that goal will you focus on getting done this week?
  • What are your top three milestones for the week?

I’m working on a downloadable template for this. It will be uploaded shortly. I usual compete the template on a Sunday evening so that – as the weekend draws to a close – I know what my goals are for the week ahead.


At the end of the week, check in:

  • Did you deliver?
  • If so, why? (What worked well?) If not, why not? (What sidetracked you?)

We’re all human, so there will be weeks where we’re less productive. That’s fine – don’t beat yourself up emotionally – instead identify what held you back so you can focus on fixing it.

Daily Deliverables

In addition to the weekly deliverables, there's a super light touch daily deliverable template, but completing it is optional.

The emphasis is doing what works for you, not getting lost in a system.

Think of this as One Metric That Matters applied to your day. If you had to distill your daily deliverable down, what’s your core focus for the day?

Here is an example…


The plan for the week. Plus content marketing and content planning workshop Monday afternoon.


Catch up, Regroup Content Plan –


Content Calendars Email List Social Contact 5 Universities


Website Dozen Draft Posts Content Plan: Web + Email + Twitter

Ignore This

Ignore everything below. I’m testing this methodology with two Propel friends, Ben, Laura and these are our first week’s deliverables.

This is our first Weekly Deliverable, formatted using Markdown. I’d like to design this as a printable or downloadable template so it’s easy to use and understandable by anyone.


Focus Book

This isn't the same, but it's interesting that UX Kits launched this on 12 May, 2020. The universe.