The most important offering at The School of Design is ‘accountability’.

We offer:

Selling Accountability

I will hold you to account. I’ll also tell you the truth, if something isn’t working – for whatever reason

That’s the point. As one of my learners (now a friend), Alex, summarised:

No progress without brutality. 1

Micro-Accountability Groups

Laura Bernal and Ben Lindsay, two of the founders on Propel.

It’s low stress and it picks up on something I’m doing in Propel, where I check in on Monday and Friday with my friends and ‘accountability partners’ Laura and Ben.


Monday morning. Three tasks. Keep you focused. (Could this be automated with a Slack tool? Something that reminds you?)

Low friction tool like WhatsApp

Talk about establishing lightweight policies from the start, e.g. we might post thoughts or requests for help outside office Hours

(1) This was a joke, but it touches on an interesting point. I can lie to you and tell you everything is fantastic (when it's not), or I can tell you the cold, hard truth. I'll always opt for the


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