Revised Membership

Revised Membership

Chris Murphy · 12 January, 2021

The feedback I’ve received on membership over the last fortnight is best summarised as follows:

There’s too much content at too low a price. It must be poor quality.

My pricing – which was intended to attract members to join the school – was, in fact, turning people away. Needless to say: This was not what I’d hoped for.

Based on the above feedback and other feedback I’ve been getting I’m modifying the membership so that it focuses on the community, first and foremost. That’s where the real value lies.

I see the school as a supportive environment – where we all help each other – and where I can share new material added to The Library as it’s added. I also see an opportunity to build learning playlists for members that enable them to learn at low cost.

These are playlists that tie together content from The Library, allowing you to learn a specific topic, like this Iconography Playlist:

What’s included in membership? v1

  1. A Vibrant Community (Slack)
  2. Courses, Year-Round (Zoom)
  3. Weekly Office Hours (Zoom Masterminds whenever a course isn't running.)
  4. Designer Talks, AMAs and Masterminds (Two Semesters: We will have a new programme for 2021.)
  5. A Private Library (Notion)
  6. Books (Digital Formats)
  7. Discounted 1:1 Coaching (Zoom)

What’s included in membership? v2

  1. A Vibrant Community (Slack)
  2. Two ‘Seasons’ of Designer Talks (Zoom)
  3. A Private Library (Notion)
  4. Books (Digital Formats)
  5. Discounted 1:1 Coaching (Zoom)

The Designer Talks will be similar to the talks I ran throughout 2020. The full list is on the Designer Talks page, but to give you a flavour, some of the people who spoke last year:

  • Steph Smith, Doing Content Right
  • Elliot Jay Stocks, 8 Faces
  • Sarah Richards, Content Design London
  • Fabio Basile, Fortnight Studio
  • Andy Budd, Clearleft
  • Vic Bell, Iconographer
  • Emma Hauldren, Ford
  • Eva-Lotta Lamm, Designer and Visual Thinker
  • Jack Butcher, Visualize Value
  • Tim Van Damme, Abstract
  • Iain McConchie, Headspace
  • Meg Lewis, Designer, Comedian, Dribbble, SuperHi!…

In addition to the above, I'll be running workshops from time to time, just not weekly as – on reflection – I over-committed then.