Chris Murphy · 9 January, 2021

It’s always a lovely surprise when someone you’ve helped takes the time to write you a little thank you note. Here are a handful of notes we’ve received.

If you’d like to fast-forward your future, supercharge your startup or you simply need an injection of inspiration, join me for an hour and let’s talk.

A day with Chris is like a semester in university, he provides an abundance of knowledge and inspiration. I wouldn’t have achieved what I have without his support and the accountability he provides. —Stephen, Belfast

Chris's 'secret sauce' is that he's been through everything he teaches. Add in his strong focus on holding individuals accountable, and he’ll help accelerate you in ways you won't believe. —Al, Brighton

Having Chris on your team is like adding a cheat code to your career. He selflessly shares everything he knows with you, enabling you to add it to your toolkit, setting you up for success. —Liam, Belfast

UX bootcamps are often run by entrepreneurs who aren’t real teachers and who are more interested in their profit than your success. Chris is the opposite of that: He has decades of experience and he’s taught tens of thousands of students at university level. In just one 1:1 meeting with Chris, I found more value than an entire six month UX bootcamp that had cost me $30,000+. The progress I’ve made since meeting Chris is staggering. I wouldn’t be where I am without his help. If you’re planning to pursue design, get in touch with Chris, I can’t recommend him highly enough. —Tyler, Honolulu

Thank you for giving me the confidence to post on social media. I’ve been offered two UI design projects in the space of a week! I wouldn’t have bothered if you hadn’t encouraged me and I wanted to say thank you. —Iris, Belfast

That feels like the most productive morning I’ve had in a long time, thank you! —Alex, Leeds

With Chris’s guidance and direction I was able to graduate from watching videos covering the basics of design to working with clients. All in less than six months. He not only teaches you design, but also how to navigate the world of business, positioning yourself as a successful entrepreneur. —Daniel, Belfast

I find the style and delivery of Chris's workshops inspiring. He has an energy, which is very motivating and a level of experience which builds confidence in what he covers. Chris really empowers you, he challenges your assumptions and encourages you to amplify your true value. —Vilma, Belfast

Thank you for all the help you’ve given me. You’ve helped me completely change the way I think: not just in a business capacity, but also in a personal capacity, and I’m honestly the happiest I’ve ever been.

Your closing points at last night’s workshop have literally summed up my attitude last year, in what very easily could have been a terrible 12 months with very little work or purpose.

  • Commit
  • Banish Limiting Beliefs
  • Learn

Three very good rules to live by.

—Ryan, Belfast


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