Mr Murphy

Mr Murphy

Chris Murphy · 4 January, 2020


I’m Mr Murphy, but you can call me Chris. I’m a designer, writer and speaker based in Belfast. Above all, I’m a teacher, but I’m still on my own learning journey.

As a design strategist I’ve worked with companies, large and small, driving innovation by drawing on my 25+ years of experience working with clients including: Adobe, Electronic Arts and the BBC.

I mentor startup founders, with a particular focus on design- and purpose-focused businesses. This work is underpinned by my own startup, The School of Design:

The School of Design is a community for design-focused entrepreneurs who are designing and building the businesses of tomorrow.


You can see my slidedecks from a selection of conferences and workshops on my Notist page. I’m in the process of adding component decks there and plan to do this in a more systematic manner in 2021.

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Conference Talks: 2020

Everything is a prototype. (MKGN #33)

When I started building the first iteration of my design school – designtrack – it was focused primarily on UX +/ UI. I had a vision for a design school unlike any I’d taught at, but it was still a sketch in my mind.

By treating the business itself as a prototype – iterating it into existence, and releasing early and often – it’s now The School of Design, a design × business school. My vision has fundamentally altered.

Every step of the way I’ve prototyped and I’ve iterated to where there’s a need to serve.

I’ll share some of the lessons I’ve learned by adopting an ‘everything is a prototype’ mindset, an approach that’s returned dividends with students signed up and a clearer vision of the design school that is my future.


  • WhatsApp (and Telegram) as a teaching tool.
  • Low barrier to entry testing.
  • Try, explore, embrace or discard.


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