Studio Memberships

Studio Memberships

Chris Murphy · 12 January, 2021

When you’ve built a group of happy team members, who understand your company’s culture and believe in your mission, the last thing you want to do is lose those dedicated team members because you’re not investing in their future.

Staff acquisition costs are expensive.

Whether you advertise or use a recruitment agency, the cost to acquire replacement staff outweighs the cost of nurturing your existing team members.

One of the ideas that emerged from my ‘everything is a prototype’ phase has been the creation of tailored learning programmes for teams, enabling team members – solo and in small groups – to acquire new skills and ensure they’re constantly growing within their organisation.

I believe all businesses benefit from motivating their staff and enabling them to grow. Lifelong learning is a critical part of that.

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Learning × Community

The best peer groups I’ve taught have been tight-knit communities, where everyone drives everyone. Multiply learning and community and you have a recipe for success.

When the connections between learners are strong, individuals drive each other on and their work gets better and better and better.

Slack × Notion × Zoom

I use Notion to build bespoke learning resources that support company coaching. This ensures that company-specific resources are shared only internally within a company.

REDACTED – a distributed design studio with 60+ distributed team members – asked me to outline a mentoring programme for their mid-level designers. I proposed a combination of: Zoom (for coaching); Slack (for discussion); and Notion (for learning materials).

REDACTED – a global elearning company with a UK design team – asked me to create a three month learning programme to enable their junior designers to progress their careers.

The result were company-specific learning portals – tailored for each company – that ensured team members were engaged and nurtured.


I believe ‘learning playlists’ are the future of learning. By creating playlists from my diverse pool of learning materials, I’m able to tailor different learning experiences for different team members. This ensures each team member gets a bespoke learning experience that fits their specific needs, from: hard skills like digital product design or content design; to soft skills like time management or lack of confidence.

I currently have the following playlists, and I’m building new playlists on a month by month basis. Here are some of the playlists I’ve been teaching recently:

  • Brand Messaging
  • The Power of Content Marketing
  • Supercharge Your Studio

Coming soon:

  • Automate Your Life


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