The School of Design

The School of Design

Chris Murphy · 8 March, 2021

Welcome! The School of Design launched officially on 1 January, 2021 (after a year-long beta throughout 2020). My mission is to put world-class design × business × life education into the hands of as many people as possible, enabling members to accelerate their lives.

The School of Design is a community for design-focused entrepreneurs who are designing and building the businesses of tomorrow.

I picked the words ‘design-focused entrepreneurs’ carefully, because the community isn’t just for designers. It’s for anyone who:

  • understands the importance of design; and
  • is entrepreneurship focused.

Our first course for 2021 – Design Your Future – kicked off in January. We're about to kick off our March topic: Reading and Writing, on Thursday evening. Join us in the community as a member and accelerate your learning in 2021.


A day with Chris is like a semester in university, he provides an abundance of knowledge and inspiration. I wouldn’t have achieved what I have without his support and the accountability he provides. —Stephen, Belfast

Chris’s ’secret sauce’ is that he’s been through everything he teaches. Add in his strong focus on holding individuals accountable, and he’ll help accelerate you in ways you won't believe. —Al, Brighton

What I teach…

I’m teaching the next generation of design × business disruptors, giving them the design, business and thinking skills they need to create the businesses of the future. We’re a small, but highly motivated community.

The School of Design equips its students with a deep understanding of the importance design × business × life, with learning materials drawn from over 30 years of experience, gathering:

  • everything I’ve learned – myself and from others – in industry over the last 30+ years;
  • everything I’ve taught at Belfast School of Art over the last 20+ years; and
  • everything I’ve taught to professionals, all over the world, through my consultancy and conference workshops, over the last 15+ years.

My teaching is practical, hands-on and – above all – enjoyable. I teach through a blend of workshops – working with guest lecturers who are the leaders in their field – supported by small group tutorials and micro-accountability teams.

My graduates have worked at…

The graduates I’ve taught over the last two decades – at Belfast School of Art, Glasgow School of Art and elsewhere – have secured highly paid jobs, working for world class businesses.

These graduates work all over the world, from San Francisco in the United States, to Ahoghill in Ireland, occupying senior leadership roles at the world’s most influential companies. Join them and accelerate your design × business journey. Here are just some of the places my students and graduates are working at:

  • Electronic Arts (EA)
  • Square
  • Visa
  • Deliveroo
  • Facebook
  • BBC
  • GOV.UK

Who is the school for?

You are:

  • A designer, with some experience under your belt, but you’ve reached a plateau. You’re looking for your next challenge to level up your future.
  • A product manager or product developer and you’re interested in improving the way you manage and build products by deepening your understanding of design.
  • A not-yet-designer, but you know that design plays a critical role in addressing the problems of today and tomorrow and you'd like to learn more.

Join us!

If you look at our testimonials, you’ll see I’m working with ambitious individuals, all over the world. Join us! Become a member of The School of Design.

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Become a Member
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