Stripe Billing

Stripe Billing

I pulled this from an email to a friend who I noticed was using Eventbrite as a de facto billing system.

I think what's interesting about this is we often hack together systems to get a job done, fully intending to revisit them, only for us to discover months (even years) later that we're still using the original hack.

Are you using Eventbrite as a de facto billing system? Because – to me – the REDACTED is more of a Slack community offering with occasional events than an event offering plus a Slack community. If so, I think you should consider Stripe Billing… ¹ I’m exploring all this at the minute for The School of Design which is why this caught my eye. You could use Stripe Billing to charge an annual subscription fee for access to the community, bringing in recurring revenue. Take the two sets of fees and work back from them with actual figures:

  • Eventbrite Fees
  • Stripe Billing Fees


  1. I'm investigating this at the moment, so I might be wrong, but I don't think I am. I have a call with Stripe this week – which I get as yet another perk from the fantastic Propel programme – and I'll add my notes here.