Pricing Pipeline

Pricing Pipeline

Christopher Murphy · 18 June, 2020

I'm working on this, so this is a live, unfinished document. If you're looking at it and you're a member of The School of Design, please contact me and I'll update it for you.

For now, if you're struggling with pricing, I suggest reading this article that I wrote for net magazine (Issue 281), which explains what I mean by Pricing Pipelines and introduces some other pricing strategies.

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Name Your Tiers

Small, Medium, Large or Low, Medium, High… doesn't really tell a story. With a little thought, we could give these tiers some names, similar to the Tiny Books tiers:

Commander → Pilot → Navigator

Perhaps: Millionaire; Billionaire; Trillionaire… though that might be a little too light-hearted.

TK Mention the goldilocks principle.

Reference Screenshots

I have further examples which I’ll add shortly.


Example Tiered Offerings

The following tiered offering will give you an idea of how I structure the different tiers of a pipeline.

Tiered Offering
Tiered Offering