Writing yourself into existence…

Writing yourself into existence…

Christopher Murphy · 1 November, 2020

The written word is incredibly powerful. You can use it to create alternate realities, then – once you've defined those realities – you can focus and you can bring those realities to life.

You can use writing to test out your ideas, weighing up the pros and the cons and use it to 'write yourself into existence'.

Over the last few months, I've struggled to define what The School of Design's mission is: What's its purpose? What's its intent? What's my mission?

In an effort to unravel my mind, I've undertaken countless conversations with friends. I've gathered everything here so I can

  • see how my thinking has evolved; and
  • share this idea (writing yourself into existence) with others.

Charles Burdett

I shared the following with Burdett in October…


The above isn't finished, but I am edging closer to understanding my purpose.

I thought it might help to share it. If only because, when I started to skeleton this piece of writing out, I was showing it to a student who was also struggling to articulate their purpose.

I'm trying to use writing to make sense of something. In this case, the 'something' is the next decade of my life. Just writing that (a decade!) adds pressure, but… it needs to be written.

I can debate with the person inside my head. Later, as I feel more comfortable with what I've written, I can invite others – like Burdett – to join me. They will help me (and, in return, I will help you).


I'll need to double-check who I sent this to, but you'll see it continues the theme above. Edging closer.