The Origin Story

The Origin Story

Christopher Murphy · 30 June, 2020

Where did your business start? What was the spark that sent you on this journey? What motivated you to wake up one day and think: "This is is, I need to…."

Share that story.

It's a little like Spiderman, or The Hulk. Your audience (your potential future customers) want to know what inspired you to take up arms and go into metaphorical battle.

Education is Broken

For me, the final straw was when my daughter – following in my footsteps and Cara's – applied to Glasgow School of Art and was accepted. At that point the astronomical cost of education now was hammered home.

I was shocked.

When I was a student at Glasgow School of Art (1988-92), the total cost was £0. For Caitlín, on the other hand, the cost – in fees alone – was an eye-watering £37,000.

This was the spark…


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