A calculated leap of faith…

A calculated leap of faith…

Christopher Murphy · 30 June, 2020

Occasionally in life, you have to take a leap of faith. Perhaps you're employed in a role that once excited you, but now has lost its lustre.

AL P: It's like driving car… change gear… clutch… release…. Conceptually, there's a period of transition, from one career to the other (or others). We also framed this as a bungee jump. Before launching yourself, you should have done your due diligence.

The same is true for embarking on a new leap of faith.

Making the leap (1)

calculated leap, and a leap of faith…

I feel the same way. Ideally, my plan is opt for the milk it for all it’s worth approach. I think that gives you the security you need to build bravely.When you’re facing imminent redundancy or you’re thinking of scrapping everything and handing in your notice, there is a danger that your focus shifts to:

How do I make money? Right now!

The problem with that pressure is that some of what you build might be built with the intention of making money, and not built because you want to: change the world, pursue your purpose, insert other reason here.

Being unable to afford to make mistakes.

Existing job = safety net, which allows you to prototype potential profitable futures…

Mistake ≠ Bankruptcy