Mailing List × Growth Design

Mailing List × Growth Design

Your mailing list is where the magic happens. Subscribers have invited you into their inbox and they're telling you they're interested in what you're doing. That’s a privilege, so don’t abuse it.

Our most precious commodities are time and attention, so don’t waste that time. It’s critical to put some thought into:

  • who your readers are; and
  • what kind of content will interest them.

You are unique so consider your unique mix of content.

Newsletters are having a renaissance, and to stand out you need to narrow down. The more defined your target subscriber is, the more value you’ll deliver to them. If you know them well, you can help them solve their problems better.

Lots of good content by my friend, Jens.

How do we grow a mailing list?

At the simplest level, you have two options to drive traffic to your mailing list:

  • Organic
  • Paid


Organic traffic is traffic that’s driven by the creation of content through your various channels, e.g. your website, social media, etc..

  • Pros
    • There’s no real money cost, so – even if you have £0 in the bank – you can start right away.
  • Cons
    • It can be slow and it will take time to build up your list.
    • Creating content will take time (and time is money).


Essentially you are paying money to acquire email addresses… CPA

Cost Per Acquisition

CPA: £35 per person… £95 (SALE) - £35 = £60