Christopher Murphy · 30 June, 2020

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There are a wealth of tools that we can use to build email newsletters. Before you choose one, do your due diligence: research. Every fledgling (or established) business should embrace email and it pays to build a list.

I've listed Mailchimp and Substack first, because I use both of those tools.

  • Mailchimp
  • Substack
  • Revue
  • Etc.

Ask a human.

Before you frantically start writing, I'd suggest undertaking some light touch user research.

  1. Put some thought into the kind of people you'd like to attract and approach them with a list of questions. (Not too many, just enough to establish a clearer sense of direction.)
    • Elliot Jay Stocks, Ex-Adobe
    • David Bailey, BBC
    • Peter Reaper-Reynolds, Freelance

Here's something I'm using at the moment, it's light touch and I've only sent it to two or three people so far (and I will improve it as I send it).

Light Touch Research


I wanted to drop you a line because:

  • You’re smart and the kind of person I’d like to target; and
  • What was your reason for unsubscribing and / or what would you like in an email newsletter?

I’m asking because I’m working on a longer, more in depth email newsletter that I’ll share with community members. I’m creating this one using Substack and I’m in my user research phase, trying to define what folks would find useful.

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Mailing List × Growth Design
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