When things go wrong…

When things go wrong…

Christopher Murphy · 2 July, 2020

We're all human. We all make mistakes. When things go wrong – as they inevitably do from time to time – it's important not to forget our humanity and apologise:

  • own up;
  • accept responsibility;
  • empathise;
  • learn lessons; and above all
  • say sorry.

Pretending nothing's happened will only make the situation worse and ignoring customers' queries on social media will, likewise, exacerbate the situation.

If a customer is upset that trumps everything and you should act accordingly. When disgruntled customers go rogue, the results aren't pretty.

An unhappy customer.

When Iconfactory launched Tot I was all in. I'm a writer and – like any writer, I imagine – I'm forever on the quixotic quest to find the perfect text editor. In addition to Notion (which I wouldn't really categorise as a text editor), I use BBEdit, Simplenote and Bear.

I love Bear, and I use it daily, but over many years it's ended up overflowing with documents. These drafts exist in various stages of completion, from scratch thoughts, to finished essays. Tot's constraints appealed to me, in fact [[I wrote about them at the time]].

An essay… lost.

My experience with Tot. The silence, deafening and upsetting.

Across a 48 hour period, I've talked about this with countless professionals about this, dedicated (most of!) and episode of #uneducators to this and generally had my faith in Iconfactory – a company I loved – be shaken, to the extent that I reluctantly would no longer recommend them.

This is on top of the loss of the essay, which – if you're a writer – anyone who has ever lost anything will empathise with.