Audience First

Tidying my Photos (which are mostly screenshots and not photos) and I found this: Audience first.


Charles Burdett, Steph Smith and I have discussed this a few times – with reference to Harry Dry (who is building

Put this ‘audience first’ approach together with content creation and you can very quickly be up and running: choose a tool – say, Notion; start building useful content around a theme – say, ‘business skills for designers’; and start creating and sharing.

Share your thoughts – in the open (as per Steph’s talk) – and start building an audience:

the more content you create, the more interest you get; the more interest you get, the more valuable feedback you get; the more valuable feedback you get, the more you shape your future content efforts; and so on.

Even if product one doesn’t work, you’re still learning (plus your audience: 1. can give you feedback; and 2. is rooting for an underdog). If product two doesn’t work, move on to 3, 4, 5… All the time keep in building that audience.