Leverage (New)

Leverage (New)

Chris Murphy · 18 January, 2021

The School of Design is focused on delivering an updated version of the MFA Multidisciplinary Design that I ran for a decade at Belfast School of Art. As Lee Munroe, one of my Masters graduates put it, “It’s a Masters without the Masters fees.” I’m reorganising the content of The Library now, following the themes below.


The Age of Leverage

We're living in the age of leverage. Anyone with an idea can design and build it with very little need for investment. #NoCode tools are revolutionising the world of technology startups. All you need is an idea and a willingness to work hard to turn it into a reality.

This section of The Library explores the idea of leverage: through human connection and other forms.

Writing Successful Emails
The Ask: How to ask for help from others and increase your chances of getting it.
The details matter.
Decentralised Income