Chris Murphy · 18 January, 2021

The School of Design is focused on delivering an updated version of the MFA Multidisciplinary Design that I ran for a decade at Belfast School of Art. As Lee Munroe, one of my Masters graduates put it, “It’s a Masters without the Masters fees.” I’m reorganising the content of The Library now, following the themes below.



This section is in dire need of some love and attention. It will draw heavily from the Workshop Series and Founder Fireside programme not to mention my past workshops.

A brand is much, much more than a logo or a visual marque, it's everything:

  • It's your values;
  • It's how you communicate (language, the words that you choose);
  • It's touchpoints.


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Voice and Tone
Voice and Tone
Brand Stories
Product Storytelling
Words as design…
Tribe, Legion, Movement…
Words = Design