Just Enough Design

Just Enough Design

This isn’t the right name, it’s something along these lines. Just Enough Design is what I described to Adam on Episode 0 of #uneducators.

It's everything you need to know to design a product or service using #nocode tools. We'll be exploring the fundamentals of design, but just enough to help you succeed, i.e. this isn't an art school degree.

We're going to run through the design of a mythical product called:


Pick something and design it. We're going to make this edtech focused. We can brainstorm later…


Design Matters

Here we'll talk about the importance of design. Big quotations, lots of McKinsey stats. Apple is the first $1,500,000,000,000 company in the world. Why? Design.


#nocode tools are amazing, but you can still build ugly monstrosities with them. (Except you won't by the time we've finished with you!)

Copy and paste over the work I shared with Tori.

Where ideas come from…

Before we even get to the design… let's talk about ideas, and why they are kind of important.

Idea generation techniques… Apparently I have this?!

Lead Magnets

What are lead magnets and why do they matter?

We need a lead magnet. GREAT! We're going to explain what that is.

The Lead Magnet goes onto a page with copy and pictures that describe 'Just Enough Design'… So here's typical copy:

Explain why the following is important. The psychology behind the 215,000…


Let's use our 'Cycles of Gravity' as an ebook – just a PDF – to gather email addresses. This needs its own landing page. Good news: We can use this landing page to explain what we mean by landing pages, etc.

Landing Pages

Just enough design to build a landing page that converts. There will be two of these:

  1. A micro-page, early idea, smoke test.
  2. A more rounded idea.

We'll run through some tools for this:


Email Newsletter

Product updates, progress, etc.. Keep the audience in the loop.

Mailchimp's guide is a good start:

We need to build these, but using The School of Design colour palette:


Pages we need to focus on for the course:

  • Mailing List Page (A Micro-Landing Page)
  • A Landing Page
  • Dashboard

The just enough design categories…

  • Hierarchy
  • Typography
  • Grids
  • Colour (And its meanings.)
  • Journeys
  • Etc.


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