Brief 3: Money

Brief 3: Money

Chris Murphy · 11 July, 2020

As one of our briefs, I’d like to focus on the future of money, reimagining the role that money might play to bind society, instead of serving a role that breaks it.

What is the future of money? What is the future of saving? How might we reduce income inequality? Is ethical investing the future?

As we begin to emerge from COVID-19, we have an opportunity to rethink how society functions and money lies at the heart of most societies as a means of facilitating exchange.

Keywords: bank, money, savings, wealth, investing…

Industry Partner

We have an opportunity to rethink design briefs in The School of Design by working with industry partners to provide a more realistic lens through which we view project work.

One of the people I've been talking to over the last few weeks has been Dom Pym, one of the co-founders of Up bank, in Australia.

Pym and I have exchanged a number of messages and spoken on Zoom a few times. I'm keen to get him, and perhaps Up, involved in The School of Design, perhaps acting as a partner for this brief.

Up are doing fascinating work as a 'challenger bank' and – through a conversation with Pym – I started to think about The School of Design as a 'challenger school'. (This, however, is a whole separate discussion!)


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