Panic has been in existence for over two decades. They’re a smedium-sized crew – 25 people, five working on Playdate.

For most of their existence Panic have created beautifully designed software for Apple (desktop and mobile), but a few years ago, they started trying new things, including:


Introducing Playdate

Here is how Panic introduce Playdate:

Hello. We made a brand new handheld gaming system.

It’s yellow. It fits in your pocket. It’s got a beautiful black and white screen. It’s not super cheap, but not super expensive. It includes brand new games from some amazing creators. Plus it has a crank.

There is so much we can learn from this beautiful device. Here are a handful of lessons:

There’s plenty of excitement in the rear-view mirror:

You can create something innovative, new and exciting by embracing the technologies of the past. Playdate’s screen – unlike other handheld gaming devices – is proudly monochrome.

With a little imagination you can do a great deal with ‘old’ technology.

1 + 1 = 3 (Partnerships are often worth more than the sum of the individual parts.)

By the way, the crank came from our friends at Teenage Engineering. They were our partners for Playdate’s design. Isn’t it nice?