I’d very much like to feature Elliot’s work on Lagom as a case study. I think there’s an interesting story to be told about the magazine, certainly one that inspires others.

I’d also like to do a deep dive interview with Elliot (picking up on the Founder Fireside) and see what lessons emerge from it, so that I can encompass other projects (so many!) by him.

Elliot perfectly captures where we are now with The School of Design’s vision: A community for design-focused entrepreneurs building the products of tomorrow.

Ask Elliot for some of his commissioned photography to illustrate this page.


Interview Material

This is the raw material from the Founder Fireside interview.

Side Projects

I suspect a lot of people – who are newer to your work – won't be aware of the sheer number of side projects you've run…

  • 8 Faces
  • Insites: The Book
  • Insites: Mini Conferences
  • Digest
  • Lagom
  • Unknown Movements


Seeking and securing sponsorship…

Looking on the back page of Insites: The Book, you amassed a wealth of sponsors: Mailchimp, Xero, GitHub… and that's just three of 21 sponsors. How do you pluck up the courage to ask for financial support?

8 Faces

Financing and having the guts to make something.

How did you finance 8 Faces originally, how did you get the upfront capital? (I think this was pre-Kickstarter, or you didn't use Kickstarter, if I recall correctly.)

What advice would give to designers who have an idea, but are worried about taking on debt to make it real? /* COVID-19. */

You’ve interviewed some incredible people. How did you connect the dots from you to them?

I think this is often an area folks struggle with, how do you make the connections to others, especially when they're 'famous'? How do you get over 'the fear'?

You ran a £50K+ Kickstarter – which is an incredible achievement. What did you learn from the experience and what advice would you offer?


Working for a big business…

You parlayed 8 Faces into a role at Adobe.

In may ways this was a dream job for you (as someone interested in typography). What prompted you to move on, if you're happy to share it.

What was working for Adobe like? They’re a large organisation, any challenges?


What prompted you to move from typography to lifestyle? That felt like quite a pivot.

How did you evolve your editorial policy, did any particular magazines inspire you?

Does working for a lifestyle magazine like Lagom involve travel, drinking delicious coffee and craft beer?

Focus: How do you differenttiate…

1 for £1, 2 for £2…

Is collaboration the secret?

Talk to people about your idea. I love that. It's all in the execution. Audience. Validation.

Unknown Movements (New record label.)

Minimum run: 25… £3

Digital Distributor…

Rob Weychert > Digital Firehose Investing in all of the albums, is investing in none of the albums.

These feel like closing questions to wrap up.

  • What advice would you offer to younger designers starting out or older designers making a career pivot?
  • Returning to side projects (if we have time): How important are these to your career prospects?