A Dozen Questions…

A Dozen Questions…

Christopher Murphy · 7 June, 2020

These are interviews with smart people from the world of Design × Business.

They follow the same format as the interviews I conducted with my partner-in crime, Nicklas Persson, when we cavorted around the world as The Standardistas.

I'll be using our Founder Firesides series as the backbone, and the series will widen the aperture to encompass a broader range of individuals and businesses that sit at the intersection of design × business.

A Dozen Questions × The Standardistas

Working with Mr Persson, I interviewed an enviable cross-section of designers, primarily from the world of digital product design. I still look back on those interviews fondly.

I'll be adding them to the The School of Design website soon, but for now, you can find them here.

A Dozen Questions × The School of Design

In the spirit of Chris Hammond's maxim – everything is a prototype – that's been guiding me since we spoke in April, I'm prototyping these interviews and case studies as I build designtrack. The following are interviews I've lined up. They will appear shortly.

  • Anne-Laure Le Cunff, Founder, Ness Labs
  • Louisa Ziane, COO, Toast Ale
  • Iain McConchie, VP of Design, Headspace
  • Tim Van Damme, Principal Product Designer, Abstract
  • Andy Budd, Co-Founder, Clearleft
  • Eva-Lotta Lamm, Visual Thinker, Yoganotes
  • Charles Burdett, Founder, Workshop Tactics
  • Lisa deBettencourt, CEO, Forge Harmonic

New questions…


Tim Van Damme is a designer, writer, public speaker and superhero, based in Machelen.

Van Damme’s meticulously crafted web sites for, amongst others, Atebits and 24 Ways, have helped establish him as an emerging talent with a solid understanding of interaction design coupled with the traditional skills of grid systems and typography.

Van Damme’s beautifully designed business card web site, launched in late 2008, is credited with re-igniting an interest in the business card web site, sparking something of a comeback for the format. It inspired many to create their own, gathered on the Wall of Fame, sadly it also inspired numerous, less ‘inspired’ copies, gathered, just as helpfully, on the Wall of Shame.

When not designing elegant web sites, Van Damme can be found writing under the alias of his superhero alter ego Maxvoltar.

We asked Mr Van Damme a dozen questions.

Opening Questions

Where did you learn your craft?


Who inspires you?


What are your influences?


Bespoke Questions


Closing Questions

Think ‘Tools of Titans’ (Ferris). What advice would you offer.

What is design?

Name one household item you couldn't live without.

When was your last aha moment?

What was the last thing that you fell in love with?

What fictional character would you most like to meet in real life?

What one thing from the present would you like to save for the future?

Complete the sentence: "The world would be a better place if…."

What's the best advice you've been given?

Recommend one book…?

What’s your favourite tipple?

Printed Series

I'm currently pricing options for printing these interviews. I've been inspired by Richard Baird's Logo Archive and Freigeist Zines and I imagine a similar, but small(er) format:

10pp + Cover; 120 × 180 mm

These could either be illustrated with the designers' work featured or, more my approach, complemented with abstract edits. Lavish print, unusual materials.


I have a number of these completed already. (Hiut, Kano and Sugru were in 'Start!'; Field Notes are supporters; Offscreen and Lagom are partners.) All are design-focused businesses and all are purpose-focused. I need to tease that message out more, which is why the pitch is evolving.

The School of Design is a community for design-focused entrepreneurs, building the products of tomorrow.


  • Hiut Denim
  • Kano
  • Sugru
  • Field Notes
  • Offscreen
  • Blok Knives
  • Lagom
  • Present & Correct (Asked, Agreed)
  • Counter Print *


* Ages 14–104 (Upgrade Ep. 306, KiwiCo ad.)

Interview Notes

Andy Budd Notes
Andy Budd Notes