Christopher Murphy · 3 July, 2020

Touchpoints are all the points at which a customer comes into contact with a brand. Every time a brand ‘touches’ someone needs to be considered and designed.

I’m currently designing the touchpoints for The School of Design, so I’m documenting the process here, using it to illustrate the importance of considering every single moment of a [[customer journey]].


It’s important to think of the customer’a first experience, when whatever they bought arrived, packaged up. The packaging is a touchpoint, where the brand comes into contact with a customer, and it should be considered as much as the product itself.

The packaging is as important as what’s inside the package. In fact – because it’s one of the first things a customer experiences – it could be argued it’s more important.

Case Study: FUEL 6 (1993)

I’ve always loved the work of FUEL, a graphic design consultancy and publishing company established in 1991 by Peter Miles, Damon Murray and Stephen Sorrell. ¹

FUEL’s original packaging…


Welcome to TGI Fridays, how may I help you?

To say I disliked working for TGI Fridays would be an understatement, but did I learn about touchpoints – and the importance of brand stories – in the role? Absolutely.

Answering the phone:

  • Within three rings.
  • Welcome to TGI Fridays, how may I help you?
  • Politeness.

This was drummed into every single member of the team.

WOW pins. Eurgh. But they worked.


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