Christopher Murphy · 25 June, 2020

This section is about the importance of design:

  • at a high level, why invest in design? what are the benefits of design? highlighting the benefits of a design × business approach.
  • some examples of design implementations that are worth singling out;

The School of Design is not a UX or UI school, per se. We do, however, help our founders upskill in these areas. For more on user interface design (UI), look at the 'course in a book' – Building Beautiful UIs – which I'm currently writing in partnership with Adobe.

Just Enough Design

One of the issues I've noticed with the rise of #nocode tools is a need for some form of 'just enough' design resources for no coders who are building businesses. To my mind, this would include an overview of principles:

  • Hierarchy
  • Typography (Fundamentals)
  • Branding
  • Calls to Action
  • Etc.

If you're hoping to launch a #nocode product, you'll need at the very least: a good idea; a smoke test page, to help you gauge interest; a mailing list, to gather prospects and – by extension – some form of email newsletter; and – finally – some form of digital product, which might include a dashboard of some description.

All of this needs to be designed.

I'm working with Tori Sloan, one of my founders in The School of Design, to build this. We're working on it over the summer and hope to have an early beta product available in the next few weeks.

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