Time (Make the most of it.)

Time (Make the most of it.)

Christopher Murphy · 3 June, 2020

When we prioritise resources, we often have a tendency to overlook time, which is an error of judgment as time is, without question, our most precious resource.

Money – when spent, or lost – can be replaced. Time, on the other hand, is irreplaceable: when it’s spent, it’s spent. We can’t buy more, no one can.

This section of The Library focuses on time: why it's important not to waste it; how we can use it more effectively; and – above all – why time needs to be apportioned to life and work in a balanced way.

The idea of time was brought to the forefront of my mind, by @whurley in his second Propel Founder Fireside.

If I had to prioritise the following: • Money • Other Resources • Time I'd prioritise time, every time. Time is a finite resource, you cannot 'buy more'. Money and other resources can be acquired or bought, so are in less limited supply.

This is my memory of @whurley's thoughts. I may be wrong. (I'll check with him!) Even if I am wrong, and these are my thoughts, I still agree with this.

We only get 86,400 seconds every day from the time bank and the time bank treats everyone the same: rich or poor. Use those seconds wisely.

Add the prioritisation diagram (Ghis G sketch).

86,400 Seconds
Time Blocks

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A precious resource…