Tools × Tactics

Tools × Tactics

Christopher Murphy · 18 December, 2020

Summary: 25+ Years of tools designed to maximise returns when facilitating workshops.

I developed these tools and tactics through 25+ years of consulting with businesses. These are my tools, not others’ tools. If you’re looking for existing tools I’d recommend:

Collectively this is a set of tools and tactics that can be used to maximise returns when facilitating workshops.

These tools will be of primary use to anyone who facilitates workshops as part of their day-to-day role, but will be included in the The School of Design membership as an added benefit.

  • Product DNA
  • Archaeology of the Future
  • Tomorrow Headlines
  • Speculative Spreadsheets
  • Data Breach
  • A Typical Week
  • Extremes
  • Absurdities
  • Limits, Constraints
  • Rich Benefactor
  • Reverse Engineer
  • Micro-Accountability
  • Shop
  • Start With Who
  • A Single Page
  • Adjacencies
  • Lows and Highs
  • Joy
  • Micro Biographies
  • Pre-Case Case Study
  • A conversation with…
  • Overheard

In Progress Pages

These are pages where I'm taking the above list and expanding on it. Eventually everything in the above list will have a page below here. And eventually all of that will be turned into a deck of cards that you can buy, inspired by: IDEO's Method Cards, Charles Burdett's Workshop Tactics, and Brian Eno's Oblique Strategies.

Ignore the following, it’s work in progress.

Deadlined Deliverables (below) is a methodology that I'm currently prototyping with three teams of three, from: Propel, IxD and The School of Design.

A conversation with…
Tomorrow Headlines
Backwards Magic
Product DNA
Deadlined Deliverables
Job Titles of the Future
Sprint Workshop

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